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Serena is an innovative belly dancer from Calgary who creates exciting new styles of dance drawing upon the influences of Egyptian belly dance, folklore and ballet. Serena strives to combine the best of traditional art forms with modern styles of expression.

Serena has always had a passion for dance and spent her childhood years studying ballet and jazz with instructor Rhonda McCulloch in her hometown of Stettler, Alberta. In the fall of 1999 Serena moved to Calgary, Alberta to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Contemporary dance at the University of Calgary. After receiving her degree in 2003, Serena turned to Middle Eastern Dance and began extensive training with various artists across Canada and internationally. Her deep interest in this art form is derived from her Egyptian heritage. Though born and raised in Canada, Serena's mother, Nervine, was born in Cairo, Egypt, and currently teaches and performs belly dance professionally. Through the course of her belly dance training, Serena discovered she has an innate emotional connection to Arabic music and culture. Combining this connection with her powerful stage presence, Serena has developed her own personal style that reflects grace, beauty and genuine artistry.

Serena continues to perform professionally in the Calgary area, as well as throughout Canada and the USA. In addition to stage performances, Serena provides belly dance entertainment for weddings, birthdays, stagette and dinner parties and is regular performer at Arabic restaurants in Calgary. From 2005 to 2013 Serena was a troupe member of The Little Fish Belly Dance Company in Calgary under the artistic direction of her teacher, Jumanah. Upon Jumanah's retirement in 2014, the role of artistic director of The Little Fish was passed along to Serena. In March of 2015, the Little Fish premiered their first belly dance charity show under Serena's new leadership role. The show was well received, and proceeds donated to Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse charity.

Serena continues her studies in Middle Eastern dance by traveling abroad to attend workshops and study with top Egyptian dancers. She believes in the concept of being a "student for life" and continues to explore and improve her skills as a dancer. "Learning," she says, "is half the fun. It is important to grow and expand -- not only our skills, but who we are."
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