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Friends in the Calgary Belly Dance Community

Patricia -

Lyla -

Anya -

Kristine -

Dafne -

Shahrazad -

Ariellah -

Nehjma -

Amarna -

Maya -

Melika, fellow troupe member of Little Fish Belly Dance Company -

Nazirah -

Suzy -

Afsana, fellow troupe member of Little Fish Belly Dance Company -

Tayri, fellow troupe member of Little Fish Belly Dance Company -

The Bedouin -

Despina -

Cheerefa -

Holly McWilliams - (Fellow troupe member of Little Fish Belly Dance Company)

Studio Sublime -

Hindy Haymour -

Rocky Mountain Raqs (Banf, Alberta)

Samira -

Minya -
Informative Belly Dance Sites
- detailed information on belly dance classes and performances in Calgary as well as across Canada. - Calgary's best store for Egyptian imports, as well as belly dance costumes, accessories, music. - quite possibly one of the best belly dance information sites I have ever encountered! - a wealth of information for the aspiring belly dancer, including star interviews, articles and some Arabic song translations.
- online journal on Middle Eastern Dance - International Belly Dance Conference of Canada, in Toronto. Belly dance artists from all over the world attend this conference. Workshops, lectures, performances. A Belly dancer’s heaven! - a site that sells tons of belly dance music, videos, costumes...another heavenly belly dance website! - produces and sells belly instructional/performance DVDs. - a beautiful site that sells belly dance costumes and other supplies...there are some affordable prices here! - produces and sells belly dance performance/instructional DVDs, as well as many other styles of dance such as hip hop, salsa, & flamenco. - hosts workshop seminars featuring some of Egypt's biggest belly dance stars, as well as many other talented instructors and performers from around the world. Also sells belly dance costumes, accessories, music, and DVDs. - Dr. Sawa is a master of Arabic music, Qanun player, and a historian of Medival Arabic music and culture.

My Teachers - based in Toronto, ON, this is Canada’s largest belly dance academy and professional belly dance company. This is where I first began my studies in Middle Eastern Dance with master instructor, Yasmina Ramzy.
& - Jumanah is my belly dance teacher in Calgary, and founding member of the Little Fish Belly Dance Company, a troupe I perform with. - Nervine’s (my mother) belly dance studio in Red Deer, Alberta

My Inspirations

Beautiful belly dancers that I have had the pleasure of meeting and/or have taken their dance workshops. These dancers have inspired me by their fabulous performances as well as their dedication to the art of belly dance:

Asi Haskal -

Jillina -

Rahma Haddad -

Lynette Harper -

Aziza -

Bozenka -

Aida Nour -

Ferda -

Mira Betz -

Nath Keo -

Aurora Ongaro -

Ranya Renee -

Sarah Skinner -

Khaled Mahmoud -

Randa Kamel -

Mohamed El Hosseny -

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