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Photo Album 1 (Calgary 2016, photography by Amy Senecal)

Photo Album 2 (Little Fish 2015, photography by Sheldon Schnaar)

Photo Album 3 (Dallas 2012, photography by David Gore)

Photo Album 4 (October 2011, photoshoot by A&D Photography)

Photo Album 5 (Older Photos)

Serena performing three dances to varying styles of music.

Serena performing in Outside The Bowl II in November 2016.

Lyla and Serena performing at the Little Fish Belly Dance Student Hafla

Lyla and Serena performing at Sangha Festival

Serena performing an Oriental/Spanish Fusion piece at the Nile Odyssey show presented by Daughters of the Nile.

Serena Belly Dance Performance, March 14, 2015

This piece was inspired by a choreography I learned from the amazing Khaled Mahmoud. Video by Leading Edge Photo!

Serena performing a balady/shaabi solo at the Belly Elegance Gala show.

Serena performing an Oriental piece inspired from the classic style of Samia Gamal.

Serena performing a Baladi solo inspired from the style of Lubna Emam.

Serena performing at the Belly Elegance Gala, February 2013.

Serena performing in Dallas, Texas at Little Egypt's Ahlan Cairo Nights, September 2012.

Serena performing in Red Deer, Alberta for the Belly Elegance Gala, November 2011.

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