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What people are saying about Serena's classes and performances:

Belly dance testimonials

I just want to thank you for a great lesson. The girls all said how much fun they had. As well, they felt you were a great teacher. You were able to get them from feeling awkward to having fun. They liked how you did not overwhelm them, but taught them a few moves that turned into a little dance.
- Lise Nixon

Thank you for performing on such short notice, My friends all enjoyed your show and the birthday boy is still thrilled. It was a nice addition to his birthday. I will definitely keep you in mind for the next birthday party.
- Mezaun Lakha-Evin

Thank you so much for entertaining my guests at my wedding, they all loved it. I have heard good remarks about your performance and I personally loved it!
- Jael

The best part of the night was probably the belly dancer. She was very interactive and had all the customers up dancing. She performed for probably 20 minutes and it was very entertaining.Going to the Moroccan Tent was definitely an experience, rather than just a meal. I highly recommend.
-- Urban Spoon review

We just wanted to thank you [Serena] again for the amazing entertainment at our wedding. As my husband mentioned, he felt like he was watching entertainment in Egypt. We truly appreciate your professionalism and amazing dancing talent.
-- WB & CB (Happy clients)

Serena is a subtle dancer who admirably translates with her body the music she hears. It is a real treat to watch her perform.
-- George Sawa, Arabic Musician (2010)

I first met Serena as a teenage Canadian Ballet dancer with an Egyptian mom dragging her to Bellydance Summer Camp in order to learn part of her heritage. Then one day, her Egyptian blood was released throughout her veins and she became one of the most glorious Bellydancers I know. A real pleasure to watch and look forward to her bright future.
-- Yasmina Ramzy, Belly Dance Instructor (2009)

Serena is one of the loveliest dancers I know. Graceful and warm, she exudes confidence and a connection to the music that few dancers possess. Best of all, she is as beautiful inside as out.
-- Jumanah, Belly Dance Instructor (2009)

From the moment the initial notes strike the air and her foot begins its first step, Serena will hold your rapt attention. At a graceful 5'7", she is the stunning combination of thin and curvy, sleek yet innocently sweet; a wonder to behold. Her hair is a black veil of night trailing over her soft shoulders and her eyes are smokey chocolate. The next few chords of Arabian music float through the air, whispering of vast forgotten deserts and dry, untamed winds. But not to worry, for the next few minutes Serena is your oasis, your guide and your muse. Softly she glides, moving barefoot over the stage, lighter than air, rooted to the soul of the Earth.

Her movements, from the smooth arch of her arms to the rocking of her hips speak to the inner self, that lost gem which lives deep inside all of us. Every shimmy and turn whispers to the psyche of a richer understanding and the beauty prevalent in all Creation. You begin to experience the sexual without the baseness of aggressive lust, the warmth of being connected without the comfort of routine. Serena's movements are the personification of the feminine without any trace of weakness -- Snow White making poisoned apple sauce. As she dances, you can feel an epiphany pouring into your soul, though perhaps not into your mind. You're connecting on a deeper level and Serena is your guru and your hypnotist.

Her dance is an enchanting combination of ancient and modern, of the Old World and the New. It's pyramids and skyscrapers, Pharaohs meet rock-n-roll, blended together in a series of movements that will transport you out of Time. Serena's dance flashes campfires in your mind's eye, the sound of waterfalls in your ears. As with any truly spiritual experience, by the time her dance is finished, you will feel enthusiastic and calm; enlightened without having learned a thing, and very grateful that you came to experience, not simply see, Serena belly dance.
-- Performance review by Jesse Smith (2008)

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